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What the Story Behind Sending Nawaz Sharif Out

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They Should Be Hammered and Asked What the Story Behind Sending Nawaz Sharif Out
Imran Khan spoke in a private TV channel. That the government has given permission to Mian Nawaz Sharif and they are going out of Pakistan. These people should be hammered and asked. What is the story behind sending Nawaz Sharif out we were told in August that they would leave First, Mian Nawaz Sharif will be guaranteed, Then Mariyam will be guaranteed Then Nawaz Sharif will go out and Maryam Nawaz will go out too.
Nawaz Sharif Out
Now the matter is going to the point where it was settled. Shahbaz Sharif had said I would tear up, drag them to the streets, it did not happen. A man came and said, I will make them cry and then we saw all these cries. We never saw the tears in those people’s eyes. But if that man did not deliver himself, he would weep one day this is also a fact. Emptying others and fulfilling half their promise will not work.
Imran Khan has let them go with pity. Let us be clear that Prime Minister Imran Khan has said to clarify that going out to Nawaz Sharif is not an NRO at all Government spokespersons will reject every forum’s NRO impression, no politics on Nawaz Sharif’s health or treatment. Media reports say PM and Imran Khan’s pre-party spokesmen meeting which discussed the political and economic situation at the meeting, government spokespersons asked Is it NRO to allow Nawaz Sharif to go out? To which the Prime Minister said, make it clear that this is not an NRO at all.

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