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Toyota IMC has decided to eliminate the Corolla car

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Protoday247 Monitoring Desk News: IMC Toyota has decided to eliminate the Corolla car. Toyota Yaris has been introduced by Toyota IMC to replace the Corolla XLI and GLI. This has been circulating for quite some time that the Toyota IMC, Corolla XLI and GLI will be replaced with a new car but it was not confirmed whether this would happen or not.

But now that has been confirmed by Toyota IMC. That the Corolla XLI and the Corolla GLI will be replaced with Toyota Yaris. The vehicle will be available in different colors as per specification Including red, white and brown. In addition, it will be available in both manual and automatic transmissions. According to sources, the special 1.3 liter engine will be marketed with the option However, it is more likely that the company can also ship the car to a 1.5 liter engine option Moreover, the car is expected to launch in March 2020. According to sources, the starting price will be Rs 24 lakh.

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