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Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that if the situation in Corona improves, he will consider opening educational institutions. Seeing the results of Eid and Muharram, all sectors will reconsider opening marriage halls, restaurants, tourism, schools, and educational institutions. Will open under SOPs. Addressing the nation, he said that the pressure of the patients who were severely affected by Corona has now come down, today Pakistan is one of the few countries that has overcome the epidemic, I want to point out that there are still challenges ahead. We have to be more careful, or do we remember when the lockdown took place on March 13, and what were the problems, by the grace of God, the Coronavirus cases have come down fast.
Corona went to Europe from China, people were sitting here looking at Europe, we were under pressure to take steps like Europe. We also tried to lock down, but our first government was aware from day one that the situation was different from Europe when there is poverty in the country, people live in slums, there are workers, records or data of 80 workers does not exist.
But we consulted our team and did a smart lockdown. This is the first time we have imposed it. He said that when a curfew is imposed in a country, it means that people have to be locked in their homes. In this way, people will starve to death. This is how we saw in India. When there was a lockdown in an hour. People suddenly got stuck in the lockdown and walked miles to their homes.
Lockdown can happen in rich and prosperous areas. But in areas where there is no employment, no money, it is a very difficult task. Today, the world is also acknowledging that a complete lockdown is not possible. We have not cut off food supplies. He said that when we started opening the construction sector, we were criticized for destroying and putting people in danger.
Deaths will increase. We took the risk, decided, and saved the people from hunger. By the grace of Allah, our decision was right. Secondly, we are proud of the Ehsas program. The biggest lockdown has affected the poor. In India too, the top 20% did not make any difference but the lower class was suppressed. No one started such a big program in such a short time. Delivered money transparently.
Imran Khan said that we also did smart lockdown in more affected areas, locked down in several hundred areas. Where the virus was spreading. Cases are now on the rise in India. Today, after three months, we have the lowest number of cases. The vaccine did not come, but the world has not yet understood the virus.
The world understands that if cases are not taken care of, the cases may increase again. Packed in Spain and Iran, deaths were high, cases came down slowly, they opened the lockdown, but even today the cases are going up. We have to learn from this, Eid-ul-Adha and Muharram are coming, if we are not careful So our cases can go up, it will hurt us a lot, the world economy has been damaged, our economy was not well already.
If you are not careful, it will be ungrateful. There is no precaution on Eid-ul-Fitr which puts pressure on hospitals and increased deaths. I appeal that everyone must take responsibility for Eid-ul-Adha and Muharram. I urge the management and business community to be careful. Make sacrifices online on Eid. We know that online sacrifices have increased. Go out wearing masks. If our Eid and Muharram pass successfully, we will open the rest of the sectors as well. We will open wedding halls, restaurants, tourism. If Corona is under control after Muharram, then we will consider opening schools and educational institutions. I hope we will take every precaution to avoid Corona on Eid and Muharram.

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