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  • Sheikh Rasheed runs a 100-year-old steam engine train

Sheikh Rasheed runs a 100-year-old steam engine train

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According to details, Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed inaugurated the Steam Safari train, First Safari train leaves for Rawalpindi railway station after opening, this trip includes bloggers from Germany, Italy, UK, Japan, Australia. Speaking to the media on the occasion, Sheikh Rasheed said100-year-old steam engines are being restored, Thanks to all the countries who helped in the maintenance of Pakistan Railway’s steam engine.
Sheikh Rasheed
Commenting on political topics, he said that timing is very important in politics and war, Yesterday the High Court allowed Nawaz Sharif to leave. For the past one month, Nawaz Sharif has been the thermometer on TV. Like a stock exchange, platelets were going up or down.
Sheikh Rasheed said there was a growing trend on social media that deals were being done, the good thing for the government is that the deal was over, Nawaz Sharif was allowed for 4 weeks, there is no role for anyone other than the court, this is Nawaz Sharif’s victory and not ours. He said that he was on bail with Hamza Shahbaz on his way to Saudi Arabia. Neither Deal nor Deal, the court restored the esteem of both parties, Nawaz Sharif made an affidavit and will return after 4 weeks. The pro-family thinks pockets are in the shroud.
Minister Railway said of Maulana Fazlur Rehman that did his best, Nothing to break a glass of 12 to come, Maulana had to go, these people did not go back to anyone, There is a happy period in Pakistan’s politics.

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