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August 26, 20224 Mins Read

The Pakistan Cricket Board has released its five-year strategy for the development and prosperity of the game. The aim is to elevate the Pakistan Cricket Board as one of the most prestigious and reputable cricket boards in the world. The Board of Governors has approved this strategy. The five-year plan to inspire and unite our nation outlines the strategic and corporate goals.

It provides a well-organized structure and clear strategy for the development of national teams comprising men, women, and different age groups and the acceptance of the game at the grassroots level. To implement these objectives, a comprehensive tracking system will be introduced through which its integrated monitoring will be carried out on a monthly basis.
Work on this strategy has been going on since last year and significant progress has been made in this regard.
The strategy focuses on the proximity of the game to cricket stakeholders and fans. Accountability, transparency, principles, and professionalism will play a key role here. Sustainable Corporate Governance: Timely, effective strategies and allocation of resources will be supported. Supply of International Quality Teams: Through merit-based domestic teams and standard high-performance centers, our international teams will be transformed into permanent top performers.
Grassroots and Pathways Framework: Collaborate to bring young and inspiring players into the mainstream in a smooth way. Influencing future generations through women’s cricket: Separation will be given special importance and cricket champions from across the country will be trained by investing in future players. Increasing and diversifying the sources of commercial revenue: Develop strategic, innovative, and targeted commercial projects to strengthen the PCB and cricket associations.
We will enhance the image of Pakistan by promoting the HBL Pakistan Super League, the continuity of international cricket in the country, and the ongoing dialogue with other boards. Has been handed over to the members involved. They will be responsible for implementing it. Its progress will be monitored monthly through an integrated monitoring system.
Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief Executive Wasim Khan said that the five-year plan was prepared in 2019 but was awaiting the approval of the Board of Governors in this regard. He was happy that it was approved in February this year. And now they are in a position to formally announce it. He said that work on various points included in the 2019-23 strategy has been going on since last year and he was very happy with the progress made in this regard. Wasim Khan said that the preparation of a clear, interesting, and achievable roadmap was very important so that not only the staff of the PCB but also the spectators and its stakeholders could clearly determine our direction. The Chief Executive of the PCB said that these strategic plans would not be of paper importance unless the individual recognized the point of view and became accountable by acquiring its proprietary rights.
He said that an integrated monitoring system would keep us informed of our monthly progress in achieving the set targets. Think and act The Chief Executive said that in any program of change it is very important to have a clear purpose and to take decisive decisions. We firmly believe that this strategic plan will help us to move Pakistan’s cricket forward.
Wasim Khan said that the PCB has the potential to join the top cricket boards in the world. “The desire to be committed to our actions helps us to achieve consistent success on and off the field,” he said. Wasim Khan said that we are excited to think about how far we can go with the implementation of this project. “Where we started our political journey 12 months ago, we have come a long way,” he added.

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