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August 26, 20222 Mins Read

BNP Mengal has announced its separation from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Addressing the House, Akhtar Mengal, while announcing the termination of the alliance, said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had not fulfilled its agreement with us.
Speaking on the occasion, he said that the first agreement was signed in August 2018, signed by Shah Mehmood, Jahangir Tareen, and Yar Mohammad Darand. We have been waiting for the implementation of this agreement for two years.
“We are ready to wait any longer, but if the government does something, they will do nothing,” he said. Talking about the agreements made with him, Akhtar Mengal has raised the question in the House that in these two agreements, should anyone state that anyone is an unconstitutional demand? Why has it not been implemented to date? Talking about the government’s performance, Akhtar Mengal said that a girl whose brother was missing had been fighting for her recovery for four years but now that she had committed suicide two days ago, should she be cut off against the FIR? Speaking in the House, Akhtar Mengal said that he did not shake hands with you, he did not complain, he voted at every opportunity including the President, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chairman Senate.
Expressing anger, Akhtar Mengal said that it was alleged by the opposition and government benches that we were sold for Rs 10 billion.
Every single one of your hair will be indebted to Balochistan. Balochistan will not be indebted to you.
It may be recalled that BNP Mengal has four members in the National Assembly and one member in the Senate. Earlier, BNP Mengal had threatened to end the alliance, but now, after two years of non-fulfillment of the agreement, BNP Mengal has announced to end the alliance.

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