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A Surviving Child Was Recovered from A Grave Dug

August 19, 20222 Mins Read

India News: In India a surviving child was recovered from a grave dug for a dead baby. Details for burying a dead child in India from the grave that was dugan unidentified survivor wrapped in cloth.
The baby in the tomb was wrapped in cloth and was breathing she was immediately rushed to the hospital the baby was diagnosed with a chest infection. The baby is undergoing treatment. The baby survived due to premature birth because such babies need low oxygen and temperature It is not yet known who the parents of the girl are and who buried the girl.
Police have launched an investigation with the help of CCTV footage aware that the birth of girls in India is considered bad and throwing away babies is common India has the highest number of female rape cases in the world according to human rights organizations, India has also failed to protect women.
Until a few years ago, India was fourth on the list but in the past few years, the harassment of women in India has increased significantly. Women studying in colleges and universities in India are also not safe women working in the offices also suffer from sexual harassment issues Hinduism and culture in India are also the major cause of oppression of women in Hindu religion, women are given less rights, so in India, women are unprotected.

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