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  • The flag of Kashmir was removed from the Sri-Nagar Secretariat building

The flag of Kashmir was removed from the Sri-Nagar Secretariat building

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Sri-Nagar secretariat building now houses only the flag of India Earlier, there were flags of both Kashmir and India on the building. According to foreign news agency, India changed the special status of occupied Kashmir, now only hoists the flag of India on government buildings.

After the Security Council meeting, it was proved that Kashmir is a global issue Media is banned in occupied Kashmir. Curfew is the 24th fasting day in occupied Kashmir. Curfew in occupied Kashmir has created a food shortage.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi says demand for Kashmir should be resolved in accordance with UN Charter There are 11 resolutions of UN occupied Kashmir. He said that there have been factions against the Modi government in India External Affairs Minister said Kashmiris were not allowed to pray Eid prayers and locks were closed in mosques for Friday prayers The locking of mosques has exposed India’s minority genocide Despite these atrocities, the struggle of the people of Kashmir will definitely bring color and Kashmiris will be rich with the blessings of independence.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that the message to Sikh minority brothers is that we are opening Kartarpur road. We are giving the sanctity of temples in Pakistan and the Hindu minority as per the Constitution of Pakistan. Actually, Imran Khan’s vision is to improve the country’s economy and highlight the importance of Pakistan around the world. Talking to the media in Multan today, he said that there are reports that the RSS gangs are being prepared for dispatch of occupied Kashmir, People and heads of Islamic countries should focus on occupied Kashmir, The UAE is sympathetic to Pakistan and Kashmir is with Pakistan on the stand.

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