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The situation worsened in Syria

August 19, 20221 Mins Read

Russia also fielded the army against Turkey, The Russian army reached the border to take control of the Kurdish-controlled areas, On the other hand, the Turkish army continued to advance According to details, the situation in the region is only getting worse since Turkey launched a military operation in the Kurdish-controlled area in Syria.
Turkey claims several Kurdish terrorists have been killed in its operation launched so far. On the other hand, the Kurds extraordinarily compromised with Bashar al-Assad and handed over their control to the Assad army. Where Bashar al-Assad’s army arrived in the Syrian border areas was likely to worsen the situation. Russia has now sent its troops to the Syrian border, jumping into the field.
Russia says Russian army will prevent terrorists from retaliating in Kurdish-controlled areas It is feared that there may be a clash between the advancing Turkish army and the Russian army in the event of any confrontation between the Turkish and the Russian army, Syria will again be thrust into a new war. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump signed a government decree banning Turkey in view of a military campaign in northern Syria.

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