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The US offers an alternative to the C-Pack, Pakistan will benefit in every situation

August 21, 20222 Mins Read

Protoday247 News: 15 US business delegations will visit Pakistan next year. This step has been taken by the US to promote bilateral trade with Pakistan. The US embassy in Pakistan said in a comment on social media to send 15 business delegations to Islamabad next year to review opportunities for increasing trade with Pakistan.
US Special Assistant to Pakistan and South Asia, Alice Wells said in a think tank in the United States that the US Department of Commerce has started its activities in relation to Pakistan. Under which 15 business delegations are planned to be sent to Pakistan next year.
Alice Wellsdocument states that expanded financial support development (DFC) will begin So Pakistan will become a country of great interest. The volume of investment in DFC will be more than double that of Overseas Private Corporation (OPIC) and it will increase from $ 29 billion to $ 60 billion. OPIC is a US company that mobilizes private investment for foreign investment.
The US State Department official document emphasized that doubling the capital will invest in high-quality projects and this will maintain financial stability for a long time Ellis Wells reminded Islamabad that real sustainable development is a long process and not a short-term race. He said the regulatory framework for this strong rule of law; financial health and effective development of the business environment will be required.
He said that on the occasion of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the United States; he was very passionate about promoting trade relations and investing relations with the United States and both countries are working hard to put it into practice.

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