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Russia has also stood with Iran against the US threats after China. Russia says that No use of any aggression or force on Iran is acceptable at all, it will only endanger the stability of the region.

China’s reaction to Trump’s statement on the attack on the Saudi oil refinery last week came. China had said that accusing Iran of attacking oil installations in Saudi Arabia is an irresponsible process. The foreign minister said that he did not support any measures to increase tensions. The US and Iran must exercise caution for peace and stability in the Middle East.

According to media reports, unlike other world powers, Russia and China have fully supported Iran after the attacks and have also demanded an investigation into the matter. It is not acceptable to use any kind of aggression or force on Iran.
Russia has said it would only jeopardize the region’s stability.
On the other hand, Russian media has described the drone attack on Saudi oil installations as a failure of the US defense system. A report compiled by noted journalist Fannin Cunningham said that the Houthi rebels explicitly accept responsibility for the attack. He is reported to have used ten drones in the attack. The first drones defused the US defense system and the second group targeted oil installations.
However, the United States is trying to make it a goat for failure to protect its ally, Saudi Arabia, because failure to stop the Houthi rebels is a source of frustration and embarrassment for the United States itself. According to Finney Cunningham, Saudi Arabia has bought billions of dollars worth of Patriot missile defense systems and the latest radar technology from the United States.
The Houthi rebels crossed the Saudi border through their drones and targeted oil installations within a thousand kilometers, resulting in a reduction of Saudi crude oil production by up to 50 percent, and the United States, which claims to protect Saudi Arabia. Causing great embarrassment Fannin Cunningham added that Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter and contributing to the stability of the US economy, buys $ 68 billion worth of weapons annually from the United States, and Stockholm International Peace Research. According to the institute, the defense ranks third behind the US and China in terms of budget.
US media have also raised questions about the US administration’s attempt to accuse Iran of attacking Saudi installations. According to US administration officials, Saudi installations were targeted not by drones but by cruise missiles, and in evidence that satellite images of Saudi installations that were attacked by Iran or Iraq were released, but the New York Times The question was whether the attack damaged the western part of the refinery, which is not on Iran or Iraq.
Even the media initially reported that oil installations in Saudi Arabia were targeted by drones. Although Mike Pompeo has explicitly named Iran in this regard, President Donald Trump has merely indicated the possibility of Iran’s involvement in the attack and cites confirmation from Saudi Arabia. Iran has denied the allegations of involvement in the attack, and China has declared the move to accuse Iran without investigation and evidence irresponsible.

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