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An “unknown” aircraft attacked Iranian military installations in Syria

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Iranian military installations attack “unknown” aircraft in Syria. At least 18 people were killed in Israeli attacks in al-Bukmal on Monday night.

Unknown aircraft in Syria targeted Iranian military installations in the Al-Bukmal countryside near the Iraqi border. The human rights watchdog group Al-Mursdah in Syria said it was the second such incident in September. Iranian forces and militants killed 18 in the attacks.
The Israeli journalist also said that on Monday night, Iran-backed militias were targeted by airstrikes on the border between Iraq and Syria.
According to the Arab Broadcasting Agency, surveillance along the Iraqi Syrian border has been confirmed to have heard the blasts between Monday and Tuesday, but the nature of the blasts was not known.
A local government source in the Iraqi province of Al-Anbar confirmed that al-Baqoum was shaken by a series of blasts in the Syrian area near the Iraqi border in the west of the province, according to Iraqi media reports. Recent concerns have made precautionary measures on the entire border with Syria difficult. It is to be remembered that on September 9th of this month, the centers targeted by Iraqi militia group Al-Hashid al-Shababi were targeted in Al-Bukmal area, including the headquarters of Harkad al-Haddal, Hadrian and Iraqi Hezbollah. The explosion was the result of the bombing of Israeli aircraft.
Attacks damaged a depot of weapons of al-Shabab forces, citing a Syrian opposition party. It is to be noted that Iran has spread elements of Lebanese Hezbollah, Iraqi Hezbollah and Iraqi movements in Fujimon and Zenbion militias in Al-Bukmal area, according to several reports that all these militias are leading the Iranian revolutionary revolution. Militants have strengthened their presence in the Iraqi Syrian border, especially in al-Bukmal, over the past few months.

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