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Indian military officer flies to Pakistan, Rajendar Singh

August 22, 20222 Mins Read

Indian military officer flies to Pakistan, Rajendar Singh, posted in Gulmarj in occupied Kashmir region, falls into Pakistan’s borders after slipping on ice
Indian Army officer arrives in Pakistan after slipping on ice near Border. According to details it is said that Indian Army officer Rajendar Singh was performing duty in occupied Kashmir. That it slipped through the snow and entered the borders of Pakistan.

Indian Army officer Rajinder Singh’s house was contacted over the phone by Indian Army, according to world media and it is reported that Rajinder Singh has disappeared and his search is on. Later, his family was informed that Indian officer Rajendra Singh was on duty in Kashmir. Slip on the ice and enter the borders of Pakistan. Rajinder Singh joined the Indian Army in 2002 and was later stationed in the icy area of ​​Gulmarj. There are millions of Indian troops stationed in occupied Kashmir Every day a new story of cruelty is inflicted on Kashmiris However, the Indian army continues to tamper with Pakistan Earlier, he had come to Pakistan to attack On which the Pak army destroyed the plane, the Indian pilot had just caught Dhanan alive.

Later, the Prime Minister of Pakistan had just released Nandan under passionate peace. After this, Nandan was just sent to India from Wagah Border Indian military officer fools are making fun of him on international media too However, once again the Indian military officer has slipped on the ice due to his stupidity and reached the Pakistani border.

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