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Ikram-ul-Haq alias Lahori will be hanged tomorrow morning

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Protoday247 News Desk: Jhang resident Ikramul Haq alias Lahori was sentenced to death by Faisalabad‘s anti-terrorism court. But when Ikram Lahori was boarded in Kot Lakhpat on 8 January 2020, But Thirty seconds ago, the plaintiff waived it.
Ikram-ul-Haq alias Lahori
After which the execution proceedings were stopped the case was referred to the trial court. Where the court upheld the sentence, the court issued the death warrant of Ikramul Haq alias Lahori and ordered the execution on 17 January 2020. According to the court order, Ikram-ul-Haq alias Lahori will be hanged in Kot Lakhpat Jail on Saturday morning. Ikramul Haq resident of Jhang. Firstly he was sentenced to death by Faisalabad’s anti-terrorism court.
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