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Honda Pakistan offers a massive discount on all vehicles

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In the past few months, we’ve seen several manufacturers introduce various limited-time exclusive deals. Toyota intended to discontinue the Gli and Xli models and was trying to reduce the whole inventory; Suzuki provided free registration on the WagonR in an attempt to boost demand and, in the case of the 660CC Alto Suzuki, gave free registration as a way of marking the popularity of the vehicle.
Now Honda has revealed a range of exclusive deals for the month of March naming it “March full of Surprises.” For the month of March, the business is providing exclusive offers on its various versions, including free registration, free navigation and a free one-year maintenance kit.
You can find the complete packages below:
– 1-Year Free Maintenance Package on Civic RS Turbo
– Free Navigation on iVTEC Turbo Oriel
– Free Registration (Net Amount Rs. 50,000) on CITY
– Free Registration (Net Amount Rs. 70,000) on BR-V.

You may make use of these deals at the closest approved Honda dealership.

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