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UAE blocks all traveling inside or outside the country

August 22, 20222 Mins Read

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has restricted the admission of tourists, residents and working visa holders for a total of two weeks after the occurrence of the Covid 19 epidemic, an official notification said. The notice will come into effect from today, 19 March, and will be effective until the first week of April. The government has even forbidden its people from going abroad. Those that have recently returned are expected to quarantine for 14 days. This is a precautionary step liable to review on the basis of safety condition steps taken as a consequence of a novel coronavirus epidemic.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided an advisory to people with some sort of UAE visa, who are now staying outside the region.
This is the protocol to be followed:–
Individuals with a travel visa presently living in the country of origin will notify the UAE embassies in their respective countries to encourage their return.
Working visa holders currently outside the country will contact their employers as well as the UAE diplomatic missions in their respective countries for any required assistance.
Anyone on holiday can also contact the UAE embassies in their home countries to arrange their return to the UAE.
In fact, the State has requested the relatives of those impacted by this move to notify Identification and Citizenship (ICA) and remain up-to-date on the return of their loved ones.

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