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Leader of the World Health Organization Dr. TedrosAdhanom welcomed the reaction of the Pakistani government to coronavirus and “recognized the country’s encouraging pattern of virus curtailment.” Federal Planning Minister Asad Umar said Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to the WHO DG today, urging the health authority to formulate travel rules without discrimination for all countries in the light of the coronavirus pandemic.
“PM requested the WHO to create travel recommendations to be followed by all countries so as not to discriminate against low-income countries on global travel. “An official statement said the prime minister learned of the actions undertaken by Pakistan to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country from the WHO DG.”
The global health watchdog assured the country’s top representative that it is creating standard operating procedures to remove travel restrictions in the future in relation to the Premier’s concern regarding travel restrictions. The two sides also discussed the contemporary situation in the conversation because of the global pandemic.
The prime minister told the WHO top official that in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic the country has amplified health care facilities. Tudors also lauded the official response and actions of the Pakistani government to the disease that has infected millions around the globe.
As of today, Pakistan has recorded 233,500 coronavirus cases and 4,800 deaths. Minister for Media and Broadcasting Senator ShibliFaraz had praised the “wise lockout” policy of Prime Minister Imran Khan to strike a compromise between people’s lives and hunger. Faraz, while saying that the campaign against the virus had “succeeded,” said: “The planet always adopted PM Imran ‘s clever lockout plan.”
At an event at Polyclinic Hospital, the minister spoke to recognize the frontline position of doctors, nurses, and paramedics in the last 100 days in the battle against coronavirus. “The smart lockdown strategy succeeds in Pakistan and its results can be seen in Islamabad and other areas of the country,” he said, adding: “In Islamabad, 771 cases of coronavirus were reported on June 1, and now the number of cases has fallen to 113 due to the smart lockdown strategy.”
The minister of health respected citizens having embraced SOPs and helping to alleviate the epidemic. “Because of a balanced campaign, the efforts against coronavirus remain successful. However, there is still the danger of coronavirus and it’s our national obligation to follow the SOPs, “he added.

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