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Vegetable prices in Islamabad rise amid flood emergency

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Vegetable prices in Islamabad:As a result of the flood that struck devastation across the nation, the cost of vegetables, especially onions and tomatoes, has skyrocketed in Islamabad.
Onions cost Rs280 per kilogramme at several marketplaces in Islamabad, while tomatoes cost Rs220. Onions of ordinary quality were priced at Rs 230 per kg and tomatoes at Rs 170 per kg at Sunday bazaars, respectively.

Retailers and wholesalers worry that prices would rise even more in the following days as the biggest floods in recent memory hit areas of Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Giligit-Baltistan, destroying not just people’s lives and possessions but also crops.”The cost of onions is always going up. We are currently selling five kilogrammes of onions for Rs 1,300 (Rs 260 per kilogramme) at Sabzi mandi as of Sunday night. Because of the flood, there is no local output, therefore we sell onions that have been brought from Afghanistan, according to Hafizullah, a wholesaler of potatoes and onions.

There is no local production since the CDA’s designated agricultural land in Islamabad is being exploited for luxurious homes.
According to him, tomato fields were also severely harmed, which contributed to the local tomato scarcity. We also have Afghan-imported tomatoes at the mandi, he added.
All significant veggies witnessed price increases during Sunday bazaars.

The Price list  shows that ginger was offered for Rs356 per kg, Chinese garlic for Rs288 per kg, peas for Rs240 per kg, green beans for Rs246 per kg, turnips for Rs110 per kg, and cauliflower and cabbage for Rs126 per kg.Vegetable costs in open marketplaces were much higher than those in Sunday bazaars.

“How can we offer them at lower prices while the mandi prices are significantly higher? We aren’t making anything special, to be honest, after selling tomatoes for Rs220 a kg, said a vegetable vendor at Sitara Market who preferred to remain unnamed.

While purchasing onions at the G-6 Cooperative Market, a client named Nazakat Khan said: “The country is paying the price because the government was careless. Why wasn’t the damage caused by the flood reduced in a timely manner? The government was fully aware that this may occur thanks to the early warning system, but now a significant number of people have perished, many are displaced, and crops have been harmed.

Islamabad’s output

Islamabad residents have been denied access to locally produced goods due to the Capital Development Authority’s carelessness (CDA).
Due to carelessness on the part of the CDA, agricultural land that was assigned for this purpose was exploited to build opulent homes instead, leaving the capital city with essentially no local produce. However, the city is virtually entirely reliant on supply from other regions of the nation.
There are 539 vegetable, fruit, and poultry farms in the city, according to CDA records. These farms are responsible for growing fruits and vegetables for city inhabitants. However, the proprietors of these farms have transformed them into luxurious homes.
The farms may be found in a number of locations, including Tarlai Kalan, Sehana, Park Road Chak Shahzad, Kahuta Road, and Murree Road.

Gujar Khan

He said that dairy goods’ costs, such as milk and yoghurt, had also increased.
He said that numerous store owners were selling milk that was contaminated, endangering the health of youngsters and the elderly. He pleaded with the Punjab Food Authority to punish those who sell tainted milk.

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