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The Lockdown of Poverty in India

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Protoday247 News Desk India: In March, Modi’s government instituted one of the strictest lockdowns in the country. It dealt a heavy blow to Asia’s third-largest economy and caused suffering for the poor in the region, leaving tens of millions of migrant workers almost overnight unemployed.
Vast numbers returned penniless to their home villages from cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, many of them on foot. Some of them died on the way. Since then, the lockdown has been steadily eased, but many sectors complain that there is a serious shortage of workers.
Meanwhile, state and local governments around the country have re-launched lock-down initiatives as the epidemic spreads to smaller cities and rural areas, where about 70% of Indians reside. However, in many rural areas, anecdotal data shows that steps to avoid the outbreak, such as masks and lengths, are commonly overlooked.
In fact, a lack of medical knowledge has led to those with the virus being ostracized, leaving individuals more likely to get screened. Experts claim that India needs to step up further work to track the spread of the virus to rural and tribal areas where healthcare facilities are especially vulnerable or not readily accessible.
India’s Pandemic Death Toll is now at 50,921, an increase of 941 from the previous day, according to the Health Ministry website. The second most populated country in the world, home to some of the largest cities and slums in the world, is also the third most industrialized nation behind the United States and Brazil.

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