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Mani revealed that Hira is not his first wife she is second wife

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Pakistani actress and comedian Salman Saqib are best known as Mani Names, He revealed during a TV show that Hira is not his first wife she is second wife.

Pakistani actress & Comedian Salman Saqib Shaikh, who is known by all as Mani becomes guest of Shaista Lodhi’s TV show ‘Gupshup with Shaista’ Shaista asked him various questions, including his career. But when asked about their first marriage, he said He was married 12 years ago and has a son.

The actor added that my first marriage was over and there was no use of the Internet at that time Otherwise, my first wedding newsletter would become part of the TV and everyone would know The actress said that when Hira  knows about his first marriage and son, it didn’t matter when she even said, Come home to this son, he is like our son. However, the actress started laughing while telling the story and told her fans that this is just a fake story and there is no truth in it.

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