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Decide to upgrade the driving license system

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Decided to upgrade the driving license system with the help of Russia, Clinic including Arfa Kareem Technology Park Phase 2 taking advantage of Pak-Russia relations Pharmacy and lab support programs will also be developed on a modern basis.
driving license system
According to sources, preparations for trade and technology agreements with Russia continue Punjab Government has issued directives for the sixth trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation with Russia Provincial departments have been written off for trade and other agreements with Russia.
Most technology support will be obtained with Russia the mission will seek cooperation on a unified criminal justice system, uniform driving license, job ownership and traffic ticket system. Assistance will also be given in setting up Phase 2 of the Artificial Cream Software Technology Park in Lahore Support will also be taken on the Unified Telemedicine platform, clinical, pharmacy and lab support programs.
Officials say missions to discuss National Lady Health Worker and Lady Health Support Program

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