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Kuwaiti couple arrested for making video

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The woman arrested for displaying objectionable videos displayed her body in an obscene manner. According to details, the wife shared an objectionable video on social media in Kuwait after which the police arrested them.  The video shared on social media a day earlier in a video that went viral on social media, the woman exposed the body in a vulgar manner.
Kuwaiti couple arrested
According to a preliminary investigation report of the police, the wife intentionally made the video viral on social media as can be seen in the video, the husband trimmed his wife’s hair and exchange questionable passages in their native language.
Some people also demanded Kuwaiti police to intervene in the case. When the matter came to light, the Kuwaiti police moved in and the young couple was arrested from their residence. It is also worth noting that sharing of immoral things on social media is not allowed in Kuwait. However, the video was still being discussed on social media after the couple’s arrest. Police say the couple is being prosecuted under the Criminal Act they will be punished according to the law for spreading prostitution.

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