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Rakhi Sawant Indian actress’s picture with Pakistani flag goes viral

September 25, 20221 Mins Read

Rakhi Sawant Photo On Instagram Mumbai: India’s scandal queen Rakhi Sant has once again become the headline of the news and with her Pakistani flag, the image has sparked social media. The account shared a photo on Instagram in which they posed for the beautiful Pakistani flag and the fans were in a state of amazement. And they started trying to find out what the monkey was doing with the Pakistani flag. Rakhi Sawant answered her fans’ questions herself and released a video message saying that she was actually working in a movie “Section 370” in which she plays the role of a Pakistani girl. Which depicts the Pakistani and Kashmir border. In another video, Rakhi Sawant said that the people of Pakistan also have a heart, Pakistanis are very dear, not all are evil, there are some people who are against their own country and nation and used to fight children. There is something bad in every country. I respect Pakistan and Pakistanis very much. There are some people who help Kashmiris and Indians who cross the border. They are very good and I respect them very much.

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