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 How influencer marketplaces are remolding social media marketing for brands

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Influencer Marketplaces & Social Media Marketing!

Influencer marketing has revolutionized the whole concept of marketing. It has given a level playing ground for all brands to compete for the same audience. There are so many cases where startups have stolen away the market share of long-established players in the market.

How have brands achieved this?

Using the assistance of influencer marketplaces.
Almost every internet-literate person has a presence on social media. This gives brands a great opportunity to interact with them where it matters the most. Though social media platforms do allow brands to advertise conventionally, influencer marketing is seen as a better option as it is cost and time-efficient.
For influencers, getting an influencer marketing contract can be extremely lucrative. No wonder, many people use dubious means to increase following and engagement with their audience. Many others may have the numbers but may not be capable of promoting a brand the way marketers expect.

Here is why you hire an influencer marketplace.

These marketplaces search every corner of the internet to find influencers that have the potential to boost conversions and brand awareness.
Though brands can choose from a large number of influencer marketplaces, there are only some that provide an all-around service that helps brands achieve their goals.
Of all the influencer marketplaces I have used, one influencer marketplace that stood out was Quikplace, which helped me manage the entire influencer marketing campaign while also identifying the right influencer for my brand.

How influencer marketplaces help brands remold their social media marketing campaigns?

Help find genuine influencers

As mentioned before, many people will go to any extent to get an influencer marketing contract. There are paid services online that people use to artificially inflate their number of followers.
If you do not have time to vet each potential influencer, the only way to get this done is through an influencer marketplace. There are many brands I know who tried to DIY and realized they have lost money when the influencer they chose did not bring in the conversions they expected.

Helps brands find the right influencer using insights

Finding genuine influencers is just the start, you have to choose an influencers that truly matches your brands’ personality. If you sell trendy sneakers to teenagers and young men, you cannot expect someone who gives old men grooming tips to help increase sales.
Influencer platforms dig deep when it comes to vetting a potential influencers. They not only check whether their numbers are genuine, but they also do a background check and see the performance of their previous brand endorsements.
This helps brands breathe easy when it comes to the credentials of the influencers they choose.

Use the power of many to build brand awareness

If your targets are high, running a campaign with one or two influencers may not be enough. You will need to run your influencers campaign with multiple influencers to reach your entire target audience.
Each influencers has a specific niche audience. When you use this for your sponsored post, you tap into a specific targeted audience. Using a host of influencers multiplies your reach towards a wider niche audience, helping you to increase your brand awareness across your niche. This gives you a chance to increase sales and conversions exponentially.

Resource effectiveness

Some people are not convinced of the benefits of an influencers marketplace. What they do not realize is these services help them save money. In fact, they help you to get the most out of whatever you spend.
There are a variety of influencers you can choose from- if you have the resources, you could hire influencers who have a large engaged following or you could hire a bunch of influencers that add up to your reach expectations.
It is not necessary to have a large budget to run an influencer campaign, even small businesses can do so on a scale they want.
Based on your requirements, you can choose influencers on a budget on any social media platform- be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or even LinkedIn.

Straightforward use of influencer marketing

If brands were to DIY when it comes to influencers marketing, their inexperience could result in them losing a lot of money and time. On the other hand, influencers marketplaces have the resources to ensure ease in use- brands just need to state their requirements and choose an influencers, while the rest would be done by the influencers marketplace.

Higher brand positioning

Partnering with the right influencers can help small brands punch way above their weight. People trust influencers more than advertisements. When a host of influencers (or an influencer with a large following) endorses a product, their followers will trust them more than paid ads running on Facebook or Instagram.

Wrapping Up

Most people look up online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase. They trust their influencers’ guidance when they see an unbiased review or recommendation of a product. This is why influencer marketing is so important. With the sea of influencers out there, an influencer marketplace will help you choose and run your influencer marketing campaign.

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