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Wing Commander Noman Akram martyred

August 22, 20221 Mins Read

Wing Commander Noman Akram martyred
Protoday247 News: Pak Air Force F-16 crashed near Shakar paryan this morning. In which the plane’s pilot wing commander NomanAkram was also martyred. Following is a video of Wing Commander Noman Akram’s last interview on social media in a video circulating on social media; Commander Noman Akram said that whenever the nation and country need the Air Force. We will not hesitate to sacrifice our lives for the sake of Allah. “Whatever happens, we are ready to take our country,” said Noman Akram, a wing commander who was martyred.
Wing Commander Noman Akram told the people that you do not have to worry because you are in safe hands, Pakistan Air Force is always there to protect the country. Wing Commander Noman Akram, who was martyred by the Pak Air Force, won the ‘Sharifgan Trophy’ last year against Pak Air Force shootings.
The spokesman of the Pak Air Force confirmed the crash and was told that the F-16 aircraft was rehearsing for Pakistan Parade on March 23, when it crashed near Thanksgiving. Pak Air Force says a high-level inquiry board has been set up at airports to investigate the crash.

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