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September 5, 20224 Mins Read

KASHMIR SOLIDARITY DAY has been a national holiday in Pakistan since 1990. It was when the time of the PMLN Government. The state leader of Punjab – Nawaz Sharif – called for a nationwide strike to show support for the struggle & freedom of the people of Kashmir.

Since then, February 5 has been when people across Pakistan and Kashmir show such support. Although not necessarily going on strike as on the first Kashmir Day.

For a long time, the breathtaking scenery of the Kashmir Valley has referred to its popularity as a paradise on earth. And Such title continues. Today, Pakistani artists often depict the Kashmir Valley with blood and barbed wire, something akin to the opposite of paradise on earth. They do this to demonstrate their appreciation of the many who died in the Kashmir War with India in 1947 and since then.

Back to the Era of British India

In the days of British India, “Jammu and Kashmir” was a province from 1846 onwards. Still, the conflict over Kashmir began when the subcontinent was divided into India and Pakistan’s independent states in 1947. On the one hand, Pakistan might assume that, since many Muslims live in the region, the Kashmiri people would want to join Pakistan. On the other hand, on October 26, 1947, when its Maharaja feared conquest by Pakistan, Kashmir joined India. He had earlier wanted Kashmir to be an independent nation, but he decided that Kashmir needed India’s strong military protection after raiders from Pakistan attacked his province. Today, Pakistan refers as “occupied territory” to Indian-controlled parts of Kashmir, and India also refers to parts of Kashmir now controlled by Pakistan.

Kashmir Day Rituals

There are rituals to present solidarity with Kashmir in Pakistan and parts of Kashmir on Kashmir Day include:

  • Prayer services for Kashmir in local mosques
  • Political rallies with high-profile speeches
  • Long marches where protesters chant slogans in favor of the Kashmir Freedom Movement.

Tour Pakistan on Kashmir Day

A few of the activities & events to participate in if you’re touring Pakistan on Kashmir Day are as follows:

Participate in Kashmir Day Festivals:

Participate in various fairs that present aspects of the cultural heritage of Kashmir held throughout Pakistan. You can also attend discussion forums where students compete to provide a “good answer” to resolve the conflict in Kashmir. At last, You can get to know a lot more about the history, land, and people of Kashmir on TV and radio. Because the broadcasters will be filled with Kashmir-themed programming at this time.

Take Part in Kashmir Day Rallies:

Take part in Kashmir rallies in Azad, Pakistani Kashmir‘s capital city, if you wish so. You can then stop by to see the human chains that protesters always form across all routes between Pakistan and Indian Kashmir. They are meant to show “they stand with them” to the people of Kashmir.

Karachi Insides:

There is no more pleasing city to hit than Karachi if you would rather avoid anything “too political” and retreat somewhere to relax. At any of its numerous beaches, including Seaview, Paradise Point, and French Beach, you can sunbathe and swim. The town is also full of monuments, museums, and historic buildings. In particular, be sure to see the Pakistan National Museum and the Maritime Museum of Pakistan. At long last, at the Lake and National Park, Karachi likewise offers delightful landscape and a gander at wild natural life, including:

  • Gazelles
  • Hyenas
  • Wild goats
  • And various fowl species.

KASHMIR SOLIDARITY DAY is a somewhat controversial holiday. But every year it is celebrated by Pakistanis, and sometimes tourists also join in. However, even without political allegiance, one can enjoy the fanfare and learn about Kashmiri history.

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