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Javed Afridi Launching New MG Hybrid Car Models in Pakistan

September 1, 20222 Mins Read

British automaker MG’s HS model has been spotted on its social media pages in Kalam, Swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as influential businessman Javed Afridi shared photos of the luxury electric car. Javed Afridi posted photos of the MG HS model on Facebook, asking people to share their views about the SUV’s interior and exterior.
Javed Afridi Launching New MG Hybrid Car
Reports say the SUV is being used in the northern parts of Pakistan for a test drive. Without further ado, let’s look at the pictures of the car for which the price tag is estimated to be between Rs. 4-5 million, It was previously stated that in Pakistan, MG E-Motion has already been released. Javed Afridi has confirmed that E-Motion bookings are available now.
Javed Afridi Launching New MG Hybrid Car
MG had initially begun life as a British company but was bought over by a Chinese company. There have now been reports that the plant will be inaugurated later this year by the Chinese President during his visit to Pakistan, but since then there has been no reports on this subject.
A few of the requirements of the MG HS are below:
⦁ 2.0L turbo-petrol high-efficiency engine
⦁ 231PS and 360NM Gross Torque
⦁ Control All Wheel Drive (AWD)
⦁ 210 km / h Top speed
⦁ 6-speed gearbox with dual-clutch transmission.
⦁ Driving style Eco, Natural, Comfort and Sports
⦁ A 10.1 “touchscreen that can be wired to:
⦁ Play Apple Car
⦁ Auto for Android
⦁ Navigating by GPS
⦁ First-rate audio interface
⦁ System of air quality leadership
Javed Afridi Launching New MG Hybrid Car
When it comes to protection functionality, MG HS also complies with 5-Star Euro NCAP quality requirements.

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