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Turkish President Erdogan blasts Macron’s ‘incapable’

September 1, 20222 Mins Read

Turkish President Recep TayyipErdogan said that an “incapable” president was leading France on Thursday as he stepped up his personal feud with Emmanuel Macron. For months, Erdogan and Macron exchanged insults after finding themselves on opposite sides of disputes ranging from Libya and areas of the Middle East to the maritime war with Turkey.
Last week, Macron angered Ankara by saying that Turkey “deserved something more” when the government of Erdogan discussed foreign relations. Next week, the European Union will consider sanctioning Turkey for sending its oil discovery vessels and warships into Cyprus and Greece’s eastern Mediterranean waters.
Erdogan told his ruling AK Party to a simulated gathering that the logic of Macron punishing Turkey for regional issues was not working. Will Syria establish stability if Turkey withdraws from Syria? “He wondered as he went through a list of unstable countries in which Turkey and France are still on opposite sides.”
“If Turkey renounces anything, will France be rid of the confusion created by the ineffective and greedy guy heading France and follow a common sense policy?” Because about the time Macron cautioned in November that NATO’s lack of answer to a Turkish intervention in northern Syria indicated that the alliance was “brain death.”
Turkey is assisting the UN-recognized National Accord Government in Tripoli in the fight against Khalifa Haftar, a strongman in eastern Libya. France has long been accused of favouring Haftar but is denying this officially. Since France last month sent naval forces into the eastern Mediterranean to help Greek warships shadow Turkish warships in the contested waters, their tensions intensified.
Erdogan said that the EU has been enforcing “double standards for a long time against us.” “We will continue to do whatever is nice, right and advantageous for our country with our nation’s support,” Erdogan said.

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