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Imran Khan is Pakistan’s biggest enemy

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Tayyab Burdogan
Over the past few days, a video of Turkish President Recep Tayyab Burdogan address to the Turkish parliament has gone viral. In which they are referring to Kashmir and Pakistan According to what was translated on this video, the Turkish Prime Minister says of Pakistan that Imran Khan is Pakistan’s biggest enemy.
This video is being widely shared on social media by Imran Khan’s opponents at the same time, the foreign policy of the government has been criticized for failing. However, the original translation of this video has been revealed Ajmal Jami, a private TV news anchor, has said that the Urdu translation by Turkish Prime Minister on social media is incorrect.
In fact, the Turk president was saying, “They are closely examining the Kashmir situation and the accidents and incidents.” There was also a call from the Prime Minister of Pakistan recently. They were having a great conversation.
We will talk to Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and try to reduce this tension Ajmal Jami said that this translation shows that the Turkish president is expressing his concern over the worsening situation in Kashmir. An incorrect translation of the Turkish president’s speech is viral on social media, according to which he is criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan. But in fact, Tayyab Burdogan not only supported Imran Khan’s position but also vowed to try to resolve the Kashmir issue. Anchor person Ajmal Jami first showed the Turkish president a fake translation video and then made the truth clear by showing the original translated video.

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