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Israel has made enormous scientific and technical contributions despite its modest geographical scale. It is much more than the desert that defines it or the Middle Eastern racial stereotypes associated with it. Check out our list of fascinating facts about Israel that you probably didn’t know.

Fact About Israel

  1. The lowest point on the planet is found in Israel. The Dead Sea is 1315 feet below sea level and is the lowest point on the earth. However, due to the depth of the water and the salt content, there is no risk of sinking anymore. So put on your swimming suit and sunscreen, lather yourself up in the mineral-rich mud, and float away.
  2. The initial mobile phone technology, which served as the foundation for today’s smartphones, was created by Israeli engineers at the Motorola Israel R&D Center.
  3. It is the world’s only country whose postage stamps are made of kosher glue.
  4. There are thousands upon thousands of archaeological sites in Israel’s ancient land, with 2000 of them in Jerusalem alone. So, in the City of David, you will participate in a fun-filled day of soil sifting.
  5. Israel has the highest number of museums per capita of any nation on the planet.
  6. Eilat, Israel’s port city, has been designated as a duty-free zone. Both orders are VAT-free. Snorkeling, banana boating, and sightseeing at the tropical aquatic aquarium are only a few of the many activities available at this fantastic vacation spot.
  7. It has the most orchestras per capita in any country on the planet. Moreover, listening to classical music is known to increase IQ. Thus, it will say a lot about Israel’s dominance in many academic fields.
  8. Israel has the most start-ups per capita in any country. In terms of venture capital availability, it ranks third in the world.
  9. It was home to the second-largest bath complex in the Roman Empire. Thus, Spa-goers will unwind in ancient style at Hamat Gader’s 2000-year-old compound.
  10. In Israel, the cherry tomato, a typical salad garnish and snacking vegetable, was developed.


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