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Arab League does not consent on the UAE Israel deal

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Arab League does not consent on the UAE Israel deal
Arab foreign ministers have declined to come to a consensus on a draught resolution condemning the normalization arrangement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel last month, the Arab League reported.
Ministries did not implement any replacement resolution during their Wednesday video conference, Zaki said. The Palestinian side preferred not to publish a draught resolution without incorporating the principles it put forward,” Palestinian foreign minister Riyadh al-Malki urged his fellow ministers to take a stance which opposes this move (normalization), Otherwise, our meeting will be considered a blessing or collaboration with it, or a cover for it, and it will not be recognized by the State of Palestine.
The normalisation of relations with Israel by the UAE, which has seen the opening of telephone and air connections, broke with years of Arab League policy on the Middle East conflict and was condemned by the Palestinians as a ‘traitor’. In 2002 a Saudi-proposed peace initiative was accepted by the 22-member bloc, revived as recently as 2017.
It only proposed standardization in exchange for Israel’s complete removal from the territory it controlled during the 1967 Six-Day War, a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital and a just settlement for Palestinian refugees and their descendants, According to the United States, there are now more than 5 million. The Trump administration has put the Arab initiative back, and in January, following many delays, released a divisive peace proposal of its own.
It pledged US blessing for the future takeover of disputed West Bank swathes by Israel, including the vital Jordan Valley and all Jewish settlements. In its US-brokered normalization agreement, the UAE government hailed a clause that seemed to place all Israeli annexations on hold. However, Israel retorted that any delay would be short-lived and that its preparations for annexation stayed on the table.
Zaki emphasized that “the remaining decisions concerning Palestine did not alter the basic principles previously established … such as the rejection of the so-called US peace initiative … and the rights of Palestinian refugees, but he did not say anything about any League position on its members following the UAE down the normalization route.

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