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American citizens of Pakistan are conducting a second peace mission to Israel.

September 20, 20224 Mins Read

American citizens of Pakistan| EIN Presswire / Washington, DC: Another group of well-known Pakistanis are currently in Israel on a peacemaking mission, following the historic visit by Pakistani Americans to Israel and the United Arab Emirates in May 2022.

According to AMMWEC President Anila Ali in an interview with ARY News, “This group comprises notable Muslim-Americans and South Asian Americans, SHARAKA, and the American Muslim and Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council.
The delegation’s mission statement reads, “The purpose of this delegation is to further the peacemaking efforts begun by the delegation of interfaith leaders led by Pakistani American president of AMMWEC and SHARAKA Board Member, Anila Ali, and to foster positive understanding and support for relations between Pakistan and Israel as well as Pakistan’s affiliation with the Abraham Accords.” Along with Dr. Nassim Ashraf and other well-known Pakistani American leaders, the organisation also includes renowned journalists and religious leaders from Pakistan.

The first shock has given way to the knowledge that Muslims and Jews are both the offspring of Prophet Ibrahim, and the floodgates are now wide open (AS). Therefore, we must continue our efforts to foster inter-human peace in American citizens of Pakistan order to advance the Abraham Accords in Muslim nations.Anila Ali said, “We must let go of the grudges of the past if we are to establish a brighter future for our children.

In order to foster understanding between Arabs and Israelis and advance Middle East peace via inter-ethnic dialogue and citizen diplomacy, SHARAKA is a non-governmental, regional initiative. It has members from all across the area, as well as the US, Europe, and Pakistan, as well as chapters in the Arab Gulf, Israel, and Morocco.

The purpose of the trip is to give the participants the opportunity to visit and explore Israel for themselves, and to share what they discover and encounter with audiences back home in Pakistan in order to contribute to the critical discussion about whether Pakistan should ratify the Abraham Accords. Additionally, in light of the devastating flooding in Pakistan, a large portion of the trip will be devoted to life-saving Israeli innovations for ensuring food and water security as well as mitigating natural catastrophes.

Meetings during the trip will be held with the Israeli president, important players in foreign policy, and prominent intellectuals, cultural, religious, and political personalities. Meetings with top innovators in the water, agro, and climate tech fields as well as Israel’s cutting-edge water management technologies will be part of the tour, which will have a specific focus on the Israeli high-tech ecosystem. They will also encounter a recognised specialist in crisis preparedness from around the world. Along with a trip to the Holocaust Museum, the crew will also tour holy places revered by Abrahamic religions. High-profile Pakistani Americans, religious leaders, and media moguls make up the delegation.

Accepting the invitation from AMMWEC and SHARAKA to travel to Israel with the group to promote interfaith harmony and peace is an honour and a joy for me.. According to Dr. Nasim Ashraf, such interpersonal interactions are crucial to fostering unity and understanding among the Abrahamic Faiths to which we belong. Amit Deri, a co-founder of Sharaka. “As part of our efforts to broaden the peace camp, we are happy to be bringing this group to Israel. This is extremely significant, and we hope it will encourage more nations to join the peace movement, like Pakistan. We can only overcome our differences and confront shared risks and difficulties, such as those posed by regional radicals who seek to incite hatred, by cooperating and establishing channels of communication. American citizens of Pakistan

The American Muslim & Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council, or AMMWEC, is a nonprofit group established to provide diverse Muslim American women the skills and opportunities they need to take charge of their lives and improve the quality of those around them.

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