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US Top 200,000 deaths from coronavirus, weeks before the election

September 1, 20222 Mins Read

The United States’ coronavirus death toll reached 200,000, the country’s newest grim landmark just weeks before voters determine if President Donald Trump will remain in power. 200,005 Americans died and 6.86 million were confirmed contaminated by the current corona Virus, according to a continuous count by Johns Hopkins University.

For months, the US has had the world’s highest official death toll, ahead of Brazil and India, respectively, with 137,272 and 88,935 deaths. Overall, 4% of the world’s population and 20% of its reported deaths from coronavirus are accounted for by the US. Critics say the numbers reveal the inability of the Trump administration to reach the most serious challenge ahead of the election on November 3.

Over the last six months, (we) have seen one of the most significant setbacks in American life in history because of Donald Trump’s lies and corruption, “his Democratic opponent Joe Biden said Monday.””He just wasn’t up to it with this situation that demanded serious presidential leadership. He froze … and America has paid the worst price in the world of any country.”

Though maintaining that the United States is still “around the corner,” Trump has strong expectations that his reelection prospects will be boosted by the fast acceptance of a Covid-19 vaccine. “We’re going to administer a vaccination, we’re going to kill the plague, we’re going to finish the pandemic, and we’re going to reach a new period with unparalleled stability, harmony and stability,” Trump addressed the UN General Assembly in a video speech.

Trump has already confirmed that most Americans who wish to be immunized will get a vaccine by April of next year. Although most analysts argue that it’s not a feasible option to gamble on vaccination.

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