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The United States cautions China not to make Pelosi’s anticipated visit to Taiwan a “crisis.”

September 21, 20225 Mins Read

The United States cautions China| Although longtime China hawk Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not publicly announced her intention to travel to Taiwan, all signs point to her unexpectedly making a trip there.

In Washington While attempting to reassure Beijing that Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s anticipated travel to Taiwan wouldn’t be the first of its type or signal a shift in policy toward the area, the United States on Monday urged China not to retaliate with military provocations.

On the eve of Ms. Pelosi’s scheduled visit in Taipei, tensions were mounting, and the White House expressed worry that China may launch missiles into the Taiwan Strait or dispatch aero planes there. Taiwan’s air defence zone or conduct extensive naval or aerial manoeuvres that go against tradition.

According to National Security Council spokesman John F. Kirby, Beijing has no justification for using a hypothetical visit as evidence. with longtime policy as a pretext to escalate hostile military activities in or around the Taiwan Strait.” Meanwhile, he said, “our acts are neither scary nor novel. Nothing about this hypothetical visit—which has precedence, by the way—would alter the current situation.

But Beijing made it obvious that it was unconvinced. We want to remind the Americans that China and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army are prepared to help. Reporters were reassured by Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the foreign ministry. that China’s army would never stand idly by while the country defended its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

“Let’s see what she does, if she dares,” I said. While the US is already focused on supporting Ukraine in its efforts to repel Russia’s invasion, deadlock over the speaker’s visit has caused tension on both sides of the Pacific. On Monday, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken and senior officials announced a new $550 million supply of armaments to Ukraine while while attempting to prevent a conflict in Asia.

The United States cautions China President Biden refrained from advising Ms. Pelosi not to travel because he hold the position of speaker as the leader of a separate, equal branch of government. However, military, intelligence, and diplomatic officials who briefed her before she left for Asia warned that a stop in Taiwan might trigger a reaction that could spiral out of control.

Mr. Biden clarified that he did not have Ms. Pelosi under his control and that, as a lengthy former member of Congress himself, he recognised her freedom to make her own judgments during a phone chat with President Xi Jinping of China last week. Officials from the United States worry that China would not accept that he is unable to stop her. On Monday, Mr. Blinken emphasised that idea. He remarked, “The speaker will decide for herself whether or not to travel to Taiwan The Congress is a coequal, independent branch of the government.

The speaker alone is responsible for the choice. He continued by saying that Congressmen frequently travel to Taiwan, including earlier this year. Therefore, if the speaker decides to go and China tries to cause a crisis or otherwise raise relations, Beijing would be solely responsible, according to Mr. Blinken.

In the event that she decides to visit, “We are expecting for them to act appropriately and not participate in any more escalation, “Due to security reasons, Ms. Pelosi, who landed in Singapore on Monday, has not formally announced that she will make a visit in Taiwan. Officials in Taiwan, however, reportedly received notification that she would arrive on Tuesday evening or Wednesday early local time.

She cancelled her trip to Taiwan that she had initially intended to go in April after receiving a coronavirus test result. In recent days, American officials keeping an eye on intelligence reports have grown convinced that China is planning some sort of hostile response — not an outright assault on Taiwan or an attempt to divert Ms. Pelosi’s plane, as some fear, but rather a military power play that may go beyond even the aggressive encounters of recent months. The United States cautions China Some others brought up the Taiwan Strait Crisis in 1995 and 1996, when President Bill Clinton moved aircraft carriers into the area and China launched missiles at the independent island.

Analysts said that given the People’s Liberation Army’s increased strength and current arsenal of missiles that can destroy carriers, a confrontation of a comparable nature may be far more dangerous today. Even if fighting is not intended, there is concern that an unintentional run-in might quickly become out of hand.

Evan Medeiros, a China expert at Georgetown University and a former Asia advisor to President Barack Obama, said: “This is an incredibly perilous position, possibly more so than Ukraine.” “There are imminent and significant dangers of escalation.”

At the White House, Mr. Kirby described the potential reactions that the United States anticipated, but he did not mention if American intelligence services had found any particular signs of Chinese operations. The White House is already preoccupied with helping Ukraine fend against Russia’s incursion, so officials there are privately worried that Ms. Pelosi’s visit may spark a deadly spiral of escalation in Asia. A large portion of the American military industrial complex is actively arming Ukraine, which may interfere with efforts to increase the flow of weapons to Taiwan.

Mr. Kirby claimed that American officials did not necessarily foresee a Chinese assault in retaliation but issued a warning that any potential military displays of force may unintentionally spark a war. It does raise the possibility of error, which might have unexpected repercussions, according to Mr. Kirby. He was especially determined to persuade Beijing that any travel by Ms. Pelosi should not be interpreted as a new provocation by the United States because Speaker Newt Gingrich already visited Taiwan in 1997, so she wouldn’t be the first speaker to go there. Additionally, Mr. Kirby emphasised several times that the United States continued to adhere to its one-China policy by refusing to recognise Taiwan’s independence.

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