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Pentagon Worries as Ammunition Stockpiles Are Depleted Due to Ukraine War

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According to a defence official, the quantity of one type of combat ammunition in storage is “uncomfortably low. “WASHINGTON— Because the Pentagon Worries has been reluctant to refill its supply of certain ammunition due to the conflict in Ukraine, American authorities are worried that the shortage may compromise the readiness of the country’s military.

The United States has sent Ukraine 16 Himars rocket launchers, hundreds of rifles, drones, missiles, and other weapons during the previous six months. According to defence sources, a large portion of that, including the ammunition, has come directly from U.S. inventories, exhausting supplies planned for unexpected dangers.

Howitzers, which can accurately strike targets dozens of kilometres distant with high-explosive 155mm ammo weighing nearly 100 pounds each, are among the deadliest weapons the Pentagon has delivered. The U.S. military said that as of August 24, it has sent Ukraine up to 806,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition. The number of rounds the American military possessed at the beginning of the year has not been disclosed.

The quantity of 155mm combat ammunition in U.S. military storage has dropped to “uncomfortably low” levels in recent weeks, a defence official claimed. Because the United States is not involved in any significant military confrontation, the levels are not currently critical, the official continued.

According to the defence official, it is not at the point where we would prefer to enter battle.

The depletion of 155mm ammunition is growingly worrisome for a force that strives to prepare for any situation, as the U.S. military deployed a howitzer only last week to strike against Iranian-backed militants in Syria.

The Military guaranteed that to help Ukraine while protecting “our own stockpile requests,” the military is currently attempted “an ammo modern base profound jump.” The Army said itlikewise mentioned $500 million in yearly overhauls for its weapons manufacturing plants from State house Slope. According to Army officials, the military is relying on existing contracts to enhance ammunition output but hasn’t signed new ones to cover the greater sums it will need to replace its inventories.

Pentagon Worries  According to U.S. military sources, Army Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has been reviewing the American arsenal on a monthly basis to see if the readiness levels are still suitable given the demand for ammunition in Ukraine. According to the authorities, the U.S. last week sent Ukraine 105mm howitzer ammo because of stresses over its reserves of 155mm ammo.

Those familiar with the situation claim that there isn’t a financial reason for the impending ammo scarcity. The U.S. stated last week that it was allocating about $3 billion for long-term assistance designed to aid Ukraine, increasing the country’s total expenditure on weapons to $14 billion. The Biden administration has requested a Pentagon budget of $773 billion for the following fiscal year.

This was a known fact. It was expected. The Pentagon was alerted, as well as business leaders in the field. And it was simple to solve, according to Mackenzie Eaglen, a senior scholar at the Washington-based American Enterprise Institute. She claimed that in order to solve the issue, money must be spent by the government.

You can buy your way out of certain issues, she replied. One of them is this.

The Pentagon’s procurement procedure typically begins with the military defining its needs, which are then analysed and bids from the private sector are requested. Pentagon Worries  However, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, business representatives have complained that the Pentagon hasn’t always conveyed these needs, which frequently change, leading to delays and preventing military companies from gearing up for increased production.

It can take time to ramp up output on active lines and is sometimes impossible to turn on dormant supply lines overnight. Although 155mm ammunition production is already underway, it is not yet at the Pentagon’s required level of output. The US has so far provided Ukraine with “Phoenix Ghost” drones that are specially made, Javelin anti-tank systems, Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS), Howitzers, and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. This drone and the Switchblade drone are comparable.

The Pentagon was also questioned about potentially diminishing weapon stocks last month. When asked, the Pentagon spends a lot of effort making sure the US military can “first and foremost, defend the country and satisfy all of our obligations throughout the world, a senior military authority at the time told columnists.

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