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The age of the uncontrollable and Kanye West

October 8, 20223 Mins Read

The age of the uncontrollable and Kanye West

Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) declared, “This is an uncontrollable scenario,” at around the 96-minute mark of the prelude to the ninth collection of his apparel line Yeezy on Monday night. He was speaking in a theatre in a way that a pastor could. His followers? a restricted circle of colleagues in design, stylists, and magazine editors.

Regarding the show’s lateness, his difficulties with prior partners, and his goal to create a fashion moment “that you will not be able to un-Google,” he continued, “You can’t set the music down.

” In his “White Lives Matter” T-shirt and dazzling flip-flops, he asserted, “This is a god thing.” “A dream that needs the assistance of God to come true.” Infants began singing songs a cappella in a choir. A model walked among us while wearing an all-knit outfit as she stumbled over a catwalk at dusk.

The atmosphere was tense, hostile, and largely foolish. I certainly felt really foolish for attending the concert in the first place. What made me show up to see a right-wing controversialist who frequently touts his “genius”? Shamefully, I couldn’t stand to be the one who wasn’t present because to FOMO.

Furthermore, there seems to be strong messianic spirit in favour. not simply in the vicinity of fashion shows. You are currently nothing until you have a goal that commands complete and unwavering dedication. Ye’s story, a rapper who advocated for his path while wearing a white supremacist mask, was just one example in a long week of insanity.

While putting the pound into a tailspin, the UK prime minister tried to convince us that she cared about social justice, and Vladimir Putin’s game of international brinksmanship is bringing the threat of a nuclear assault closer to home. What the hell is going on?

The emerging global order is one of unmanageability. Nobody is following the rules. Rules and procedures are simply so dull. At this point in our growth, it appears that those in positions of authority can do whatever the hell they want, no matter how strange, insane, or misbehaving it may be.

Extreme behaviour not being auto-corrected has become more common. After all, it hasn’t been that long since we saw the Capitol uprising. Was it the point when our collective sanity vanished among the horde of raccoon-clad revolutionaries? Since then, we’ve witnessed a flurry of events, ranging from the absurd to the very evil, including the Johnny Depp trial, the “Spitgate” affair involving Harry Styles, and Elon Musk’s “single combat” fight with Vladimir Putin. It seems like there are no reasonable people left behind the wheel after so many toxic stories have dominated the media.

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