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Amber Heard claimed abuse never happened according to Johnny Depp

September 12, 20225 Mins Read

In a defamation trial, the actor disputes Heard’s allegations of domestic abuse, claiming, “I have never struck any woman in my life.”
Johnny Depp claimed his ex-wife Amber Heard‘s domestic abuse charges against him were frightening, terrible, and “not grounded in any kind of fact” as he took the stand in his libel case against her.

In court on Tuesday, Depp stated, “Nothing of the kind ever happened.” “I never got to the point of hitting Ms Heard in any manner.” In my life, I’ve never hit a lady.”
Depp claimed he initiated the action to clear his name after charges that he assaulted Heard during their three-year marriage, as well as to protect his children and grandchildren.

Depp stated, “I am fascinated with the truth.” “Today is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to speak about this case.”

He described the claims against him as “very unexpected” and said they “didn’t need to go in that route.”

Depp’s evidence comes a week into a defamation trial in Fairfax, Virginia, in which he accuses his ex-wife of damaging his career by falsely accusing them of domestic violence.
Witnesses for Depp have mostly agreed with the actor’s claim that his wife, not he, was the one who started the marital strife and arguments.

Johnny Depp stated that he wanted to cleanse his name and protect his children from “this horrifying stuff they were having to read that their parents were having to read.”

“It kills me that folks I’ve spoken with, people I’ve met with over the years… think I’m a phony and that I’ve lied to them,” he added.

The testimony, however, has come at a cost, with Depp painted as a young Hollywood A-lister surrounded by a retinue of physicians, nurses, aides, on-the-payroll buddies, and various hangers-on.

He rejected descriptions of him as a drug addict on the stand, calling the portrayal “grossly inflated.” But, before meeting Heard, he admitted to being addicted to Roxicodone, a painkiller, while filming the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean installment.

“I was bitten by the snake, and the monkey was on my back before I knew it,” he explained. “Once you’ve succumbed to addiction, you’re not taking drugs to get high; you’re taking them to get well” – or to prevent withdrawal symptoms.
He did, however, say that he had periods of sobriety. “There haven’t been any instances where I’ve felt out of control,” he remarked. “I’m not a crazed person who has to be high or loaded all of the time.”

On Monday, a doctor and a nurse described the search for Depp’s missing middle finger tip, which was cut in March 2015 when he was filming the fifth episode of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in Australia.

Heard is accused of cutting the actor’s finger by hurling a bottle at him. According to reports, Depp sliced his finger when he broke a phone. Depp allegedly struck her, strangled her, and sexually molested her during the argument, she claims.
Depp’s cook discovered the missing finger among blood and shattered glass in the kitchen, according to David Kipper, Depp’s “concierge doctor,” who treated the star for addiction.

Prior to Depp’s evidence, the court heard from Keenan Wyatt, Depp’s on-set sound technician, who stated that filming on the picture was postponed for three weeks while Depp underwent surgery.

Wyatt testified that he traveled to the Bahamas with Depp, his former wife Vanessa Paradis, and their children on multiple occasions.

Johnny Depp was a caring father, according to Wyatt, who never raised his voice to his children and whose attitude did not change when he drank, instead becoming “sleepy.”

Wyatt stated, “I’ve never seen him act aggressive toward anyone.”

Wyatt’s evidence backs up allegations made by Paradis and Winona Ryder, Depp’s former lovers, during the actor’s failed libel suit against the Sun tabloid last year, in which they denied Depp ever acted aggressively or abusively against them.
Heard has been described as the abusive person by several witnesses. Heard was “giving Johnny the cold shoulder, being silent, being pouty” on a private jet flight from Boston to Los Angeles, according to Wyatt. Heard reacted angrily when he approached her, he said, saying, “How dare you talk to me?”

Under cross-examination, Wyatt disputed that Depp yelled at Heard, “Get fucked with fucking James Franco” – a reference to an alleged affair Heard had with the actor – and then passed out in the plane’s rear.

Depp, 58, claims that Heard, 35, defamed him in a December 2018 Washington Post opinion post about being a domestic abuse survivor. Heard claims that the first amendment of the US constitution protects her right to free expression. In 2018, Depp sued Heard for $50 million. Heard responded with a $100 million counter-claim.

Depp’s use of narcotics and alcohol, as well as his difficulties adhering to detox procedures, have dominated much of the trial testimony. Depp’s denial that he was involved in the case has been alleged by Heard’s attorneys.

Johnny Depp sister testified early in the trial that she texted her brother in February 2014, telling him to “stop drinking, stop coke, stop drugs.”

Depp’s defense team showed a video deposition of the couple’s therapist, who claimed that the couple had been abused as children and participated in “mutual abuse” throughout their relationship.

“It was a source of pride for her to provoke a fight if she felt mistreated,” Laurel Anderson testified. “She hit him because he was talking about being with another lady and was being nonsensical.”
Anderson, on the other hand, testified that Depp was taken aback by Heard, who she characterized as “talking like a jackhammer.” “No one likes you,” Johnny Depp allegedly told his wife. You’re going to be famous because of me. I’m starting to lose interest in you. You’re whore.

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