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Syed Ali Gilani’s letter to Imran Khan, in return, what the Pakistani government did

August 20, 20222 Mins Read

Yesterday, senior Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Gilani wrote a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan. To which Syed Ali Gilani said, “Maybe this is my last letter Now my health is deteriorating rapidly, India has violated the expectations of the United Nations, Women in Kashmir are still being harassed, People are receiving notices that they would be evicted from their homes, The time has come for Pakistan to announce the termination of all agreements with India. Pakistan announces withdrawal from bilateral agreements Shimla, Tashkent, and Lahore. The fencing agreement also needs to be revisited under the LOC contract; the government of Pakistan should take all these decisions to the United Nations.
Syed Ali Gilani’s letter
This news has come out after Syed Ali Gilani latter’s That the Pakistani government, instead of acting on the request of Syed Ali GilaniPakistan has ordered a major change in the Army Act to give consular access to Indian terrorist and spy club lists.
On which senior journalist Hamid Mir also arrived in the field and he said that even the rulers of Pakistan were thinking. Senior journalist Hamid Mir said in a message on Twitter on social networking site Twitter “Ask one thing if you will you kill” Syed Ali Gilani writes a letter announcing the termination of the Shimla pact with India but here the Army Act is being changed to give Klubhushan the right to appeal. What relief has Modi given to Kashmiris so far? Various comments have started on social media following this tweet by Hamid Mir and a new debate has sprung up.

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