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  • Rihanna appetites include salted tangerines, During her pregnancy

Rihanna appetites include salted tangerines, During her pregnancy

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Rihanna is having her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky, and while she typically “hates pastries,” she has been wanting chocolate doughnuts and salted tangerines throughout her pregnancy.

She stated, ” “I’m not a big fan of pastries, but you come near to me with a chocolate-covered doughnut and you’ve won my heart for good.

Tangerines, as well. Because we take our fruits to the ocean and soak them in Barbados, they must be made with salt and only salt. It’s a thing, believe me.”

The “Umbrella” singer also revealed that she is more inclined to say “yes” to things during her pregnancy since she knows things will change once she gives birth. Rihanna had dated Chris Brown and Drake before meeting the “Everyday” rapper.
She went on to declare in a cover interview for Vogue magazine’s May issue: “Because I know things will be different on the other side of this, I believe I’m saying yes to even more things today. I was expecting a spectacular transformation, but I’m still the same person.” ‘None of the dials are turned down,’ in other words.”

When questioned if her pregnancy was intentional, the millionaire Fenty Beauty creator said that while she wasn’t planning on having a kid, she wasn’t completely against it.

Rihanna stated, ” “Are you making preparations? I wouldn’t describe it as planned. But it’s not something I’m intending on doing. I have no idea when I ovulate or anything like that. We simply had a good time. Then it was simply there on the exam. I didn’t squander any of my time. I summoned him inside and demonstrated. The next morning, I was at the doctor’s office, and our journey started.”

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