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PUBG wants to stay banned in Pakistan

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The video game Players’ Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) will remain banned in Pakistan, declared the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority In a statement published on the micro blogging website, the country’s telecommunications and internet regulator reported that it had reached a decision to hold the game prohibited following a comprehensive hearing conducted at the PTA premises on 9 July at the guidance of the High Court.
Many involved parties have engaged in the trial. The PTA reported that it has contacted the PUBG management to exchange details on PUBG sessions and consumers in Pakistan and the company’s controls. The PUBG response is anticipated, he said.
On 1 July, the PTA declared a decision to indefinitely pause the PUBG game in the nation after getting several reports from various parts of society. The Authority also reported that it has obtained multiple reports against PUBG in which it has been claimed that gaming is addictive, consumes time and has a significant negative effect on the physical and psychological wellbeing of children.
According to recent media accounts, instances of suicide traced to PUBG have also been identified. The High Court of Lahore has ordered the PTA to inquire into the case and to decide the issue after consulting the complainants. The Authority even invited the public to make some judgments on the online game.

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