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PM ‘refuses to accept my resignation, Aamir Liaquat Hussain

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Karachi TV anchor and PTI chief Aamir Liaquat Hussain said that Prime Minister Imran Khan declined his resignation, which he had submitted because he was unable to support his constituents. “Following a lengthy consultation with Prime Minister Imran Khan, my four-page resignation has been denied. I opened my heart and told everything to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister lauded my efforts to lift my voice on Karachi’s problems and said that thought about the public was the job of an elected official, “he said on Twitter.

Earlier that day, Hussain had stated on social media that he was on his way to the Prime Minister’s House to resign. Hussain, who received a PTI seat from NA-245 in the 2018 general election, had earlier hinted at his resignation from the Twitter post, citing reasons that he could not give any respite from Karachi’s regular power outages to his constituents. “I confess that I am the weak MNA of Karachi. I am unable to provide energy to the citizens of my community. I can’t understand why the citizens in my community are hurting. I’m going to ask the Prime Minister for time and offer my resignation, “said the former MQM leader.
Karachi has been plagued by significant power outages over the last few weeks as the federal government and the Sindh government continues to exchange barbs over the power problems of the region and power provider K-Electric. Amid promises from officials, the region has endured up to 10 hours of unannounced power losses. This is not the first time that the PTI MNA has been in the headlines for being frustrated with him. In 2018, a month after the general election, allegations of disagreements emerged between Hussain and the PTI, after voicing frustration at the party’s refusal to invite him to a dinner hosted by the Governor House. According to sources, Liaquat left the WhatsApp party, comprising the members of PTI Sindh, on the issue.

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