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Prepare a blood test to detect death

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German scientists have developed a blood test that can be detected whether a person can die in the next 16 years or not. Scientists observe tests on 44,000 people, with 83% of the results confirmed.
blood test
A team of scientists from Germany discovers 14 medical factors that influence the risk of death. These elements are linked to everything in the human body, including fat, glucose and inflammation. The blood tests were between 18 and 109 years old and everyone was from the European region. 5512 people died between 2 to 16 years after blood tests.
People who died after the test had less than 14 medical elements discovered in their bodies. The research team says blood pressure and body fat can be predicted Whether death will occur next year or not but it is difficult to predict ten years ago. Scientists say the test results are 83 percent accurate and have the potential for further improvement So currently it will not be used for ordinary human beings.

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