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August 17, 20223 Mins Read

Federal Law Enforcement Minister Nasim has said that he will approach the Supreme Court for federal control over Karachi. Pervagh Naseem said that the PPP had destroyed Poorly Sindh, including Karachi. Farrukh Naseem said that under Article 149 (4), the federal government will request the Sindh government to control Karachi if the Sindh government does not agree.

Strict decisions will have to be made to improve Karachi. Now it has become necessary approval to intervene concerning Karachi. There is neither public transport nor infrastructure. Talking to private TV, Barrister Farrukh Naseem said that in 11 years, the PPP government has destroyed all the villages including Karachi, Larkana, and Kandiaro. Now it is harmful that the federal government should intervene. Constitutional and legal avenues will take the prime minister concerned about the situation in Karachi, so he called for a meeting of the federal cabinet in which a strategic committee has been constituted to improve the situation in Karachi according to the decision. I’ve been beheaded.
The Federal Minister said that the Prime Minister will visit Kachchi on Saturday. A draft is being prepared in this regard which will be presented to the Prime Minister, under Article 149 (4), which will be appealed to the Sindh government. Things are bad and we want control of this. The draft will be submitted after approval by the Federal Cabinet. If the Sindh government refuses to do so, then it will be referred to the Supreme Court under Article 141.
Law Minister Farrukh Naseem said that if Karachi and the entire Sindh were to be fixed, it would not work because it is the government. The result of its work is in front of you. The ratio is not balanced if there is no expenditure in 11 years or no expenditure for development and the census is wrong and one crore 60 lakhs have not been spent on it after the 18th Amendment. The Prime Minister has included Farrukh Naseem in the committee for constitutional composition.
He said that the six members of the committee are from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and the six members from the United National Movement and also from the FWO. The main objective of putting me in the committee is to have a short, medium and long term strategy in Karachi. How to find a solution to how I spend on local government? Talking to the mayor of Karachi, he said that it was contradicting 140A and Article 17 of transferring powers from the mayor and elected members and now it has to be the role of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court has clarified that. The case is pending in court.
He said that the time has come for the Supreme Court to decide and at the same time the PTI is in full swing to become a party. Besides, there is 184 One under which if there is any dispute between the provincial and federal government. So the boundaries of the Supreme Court are directly involved and the Supreme Court has to be guided. Farrukh Naseem said that whether the Water Board, MDA, Lyari Development, KDA, Government of Sindh, Government of Solid Waste Management has kept it and its idea is only corruption.
He said that if the federal government had used the 149th day, then it would have been alleged that the provinces had come to sovereignty and now it was before the right time.

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