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WhatsApp a purely ads-free messaging platform is no longer going to be free of ads as the company has recently confirmed that by the year 2020 WhatsApp will show advertisements in the status section that will appear like the Instagram stories.
Previously, a lot of rumors had been circulating all where about the addition of advertisement on WhatsApp which has now proven true after the company’s announcement.

The App is the preference of about 2.23 billion users which makes it the highest instant messaging service throughout the globe. It was overtaken by Facebook in 2014 for around $22 billion which makes it the worthiest ever asset of the company even though it does not generate any revenue for the company. So, now the company has decided to make more money by running the ads on the App. The company claims that these ads will assist the users in familiarising with business on the App and these ads would be powered by Facebook’s Advertising System.
Contrary, it is also expected that a new Business APIs will also be launched that will facilitate the users’ businesses with 24-hours free access of responding their messages but after 24-hours, the charges would be applicable on every message the companies send to their users respectively.
The reports say that the news about the inclusion of ads on WhatsApp came out at an event of Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam, Netherlands. These ads will appear as the Instagram stories in the WhatsApp Status Bar initially, the report adds.
Moreover, Olivier Porteville- Head of Media at BeConnectAgency – Social advertising who was present at the session has posted pictures from the presentation slide of the official news made by WhatsApp on their Twitter accounts as proof.
The Status Section on WhatsApp was introduced in 2017 with almost the same features and functions as the Instagram and Snapchat Stories possess with a 24-hours disappearing property of the videos and the picture that is kept as stories by the users. But now as this section is going to be engaged with the advertisement may disappoint the worldwide users that remain active on this most loving app and might slow down it uploading of stories due to the inconvenience caused by the ads.

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