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Nawaz sharif illness is very bad condition

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Chaudhry Sugar Mills
Chaudhry Sugar Mills case was heard in Accountability Court today Where Maryam Nawaz appeared in court. Maryam Nawaz said while talking to media outside the accountability court. That Nawaz Sharif’s treatment should go wherever possible in the world. Whether or not Mian Sahab agreed for treatment is a separate debate. she said that the Nawaz sharif illness is very bad condition.
On the other hand, Accountability Court Judge Amir Mohammad Khan has heard the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case in which Vice President Maryam Nawaz was present. However, Nawaz Sharif requested immunity from medical attendance Which was approved. When Maryam Nawaz signed the bail bonds, they discovered Why they are signing me the signature on which the judge remarks means that you will be present at every hearing.
“I will obey the order,” said PMLN leader Maryam Nawaz. This did not happen if you called and we did not appear. Even today, Mian Sahib’s nature was bad, but I had to leave him Court asks Maryam Nawaz’s lawyer Where is Maryam Nawaz guarantee. To which the lawyer Amjad Pervez Advocate said that bail has been submitted The original copy is in court.

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