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  • India triumphs over Russia as the third worst-hit Covid nation

India triumphs over Russia as the third worst-hit Covid nation

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India triumphs over Russia as the third worst-hit Covid nation
World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that its hydroxychloroquine studies and the combination of HIV vaccine lopinavir / ritonavir in hospitalized COVID-19 patients have been discontinued after drugs have failed to mitigate mortality.
The setback came as the WHO also reported more than 200,000 new cases globally of the disease for the first time in a single day, international media reported. The United States accounted for 53,213 of the total 212,326 new cases recorded on Friday, the WHO said.
“These interim test results show that hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir / ritonavir in comparison to the standard of care produce little or no reduction in mortality among hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Solidarity research participants must promptly disrupt the experiments, “the WHO said in a statement, pointing to major multi-country experiments that the organization is heading.
The UN organization said the move, made on the advice of the international steering committee of the study, will not impact any trials where such medications are used as prophylaxis or for non-hospitalized patients.
Another part of the WHO-led study is looking at the possible impact on COVID-19 of Gilead’s antiviral medication remdesivir. On Friday the European Commission issued provisional permission for usage of remdesivir after it was shown off reduce healing periods in hospitals.
The solidarity study started with five divisions exploring alternative therapeutic solutions to COVID-19: normal care; remdesivir; hydroxychloroquine; lopinavir / ritonavir; and interferon hybrid lopanivir / ritonavir.
WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters that approximately 5,500 patients had been thus far enrolled into their clinical trials in 39 nations, and that preliminary findings were due within two weeks. Of about 150 drugs under progress about 18 new COVID-19 vaccines are being evaluated on humans. Mike Ryan, WHO ‘s top emergency specialist, said forecasting when a vaccine would be ready would be unwise.
In the meanwhile, India has taken third position on the list of nations hardest affected by coronavirus. On Sunday night the nation reported more than 697,000 incidents, overtaking Russia, which had more than 681,000 cases. India is now only followed by Brazil and the United States. There are over 1.57 million instances in Brazil and more than 2.97 million in the US.
India Sunday reported an unprecedented amount of cases of coronavirus. Quick 24,000 cases and 421 deaths have been recorded overnight in the region. The surge, that took the number of deaths to 19,700, came as infections rose in the western and southern parts of the country amid heavy monsoon rains.
India had placed one of the strictest lockdowns in March to monitor the spread of the virus, but in recent weeks, restarting economic development has been eased in phases. Mexico’s coronavirus death rate has reached 30,000, placing France as the fifth-highest in the world
The country’s death rate stands at 30,366, including 252,165 infections. According to President Hassan Rouhani, Iranians who do not wear masks will be refused public facilities and workplaces who do not comply with safety guidelines will be shut down for a week.
Iran ‘s cumulative number of cases of coronavirus reached 240,000 on Sunday, with another 163 deaths taking the country’s toll to 11,571. Those infected have a “moral obligation” to warn others, Rouhani said, adding: “Keeping a secret about your infection violates other people’s rights.”
Regardless of the expanded expansion, Iran’s armed forces have often raising their basic fighting preparation to a month. Amid a recent surge in coronavirus infections, Madagascar has put its capital Antananarivo under a fresh lockout, two months after the controls were relaxed, the presidency reported

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