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August 28, 20222 Mins Read

Hunger and poverty force man to do things that he could not have imagined. Man is compelled by his hungry stomach to go to the wrong path many times and then these wrong paths lead man to the wrong end. Hunger forgets the etiquette of civilization and it is this hunger that makes a man forget humanity.
Most of the crimes around the world are committed for money and then this lust for money takes the form of greed. But there are people in the world whose needs are limited and for whom they commit petty crimes and most of them are caught unlucky and deserve punishment along with hunger. Now Gujranwala is one such. The incident has come to light.
A unique incident of robbery has come to light in Gujranwala where an unemployed tenant robbed the landlord wearing a burqa. But the accused was immediately caught. According to police, in the Jinnah Road area, accused Usman, wearing a burqa, robbed his own landlord’s house and looted Rs 39,000. During the incident, the landlord became suspicious of the accused’s voice and informed the police, while on his arrest, accused Usman declared the robbery a compulsion.
The accused said that the landlord had threatened to evict him for non-payment of rent for two months. After hearing the story of the accused, the policemen took pity on him and collected the money themselves and paid the rent of the accused. According to DSP Imran Abbas, the accused will be punished for his crime but with the payment of rent, his wife and children will be able to stay at home.

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