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DWP benefit payment Dates

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DWP benefit payment Dates

Millions of benefit claimants will receive their money over the Christmas season, according to a date given by the DWP. Many households are having trouble paying their bills due to the cost of living problem, which has prompted the government to provide more financial aid to those who are most impacted.

Millions of individuals received a £150 local council grant earlier this year and a £326 cost of living payment in July. In the coming weeks, recipients of means-tested benefits will get £324 directly into their bank accounts. In addition, they will receive further assistance in the shape of a six-month energy bill reduction. You may learn about all the financial assistance offered from now till Christmas.

And with Christmas now approaching, many people may be wondering when they’ll get their holiday perks. Here is all the information you need to know about when you’ll receive your benefits during Christmas because of the way Christmas falls this year, which will result in a little variation to when you receive your money.

This year’s Christmas holiday will be a four-day weekend lasting from Saturday, December 24, to Tuesday, December 27, a bank holiday in place of Christmas Day, which falls on a Sunday. Benefits are typically paid on the closest working day prior to weekends and bank holidays.

Universal credit payments are scheduled to be sent on the same day every month, but any sums that would have been due on December 24, 25, or 26 should be submitted on Friday, December 23 instead. You will thus get the money in time for Christmas, but you will have to stretch it until your regular payment date in January.

Other advantages are linked to a certain weekday as opposed to a date. Any things you might typically anticipate receiving on the Monday or Tuesday after Christmas may instead arrive on Friday, December 23, due to the festive bank holidays. That applies to retirees whose National Insurance number has 00 to 19 (Monday) or 20 to 39 (Tuesday) as the last two digits; this includes child benefit, which is typically paid by HMRC every four weeks on a Monday or Tuesday; as well as any state pension payments typically deposited on those days of the week.

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