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WWE Star Undertaker ‘Retirement’ Announces

August 27, 20221 Mins Read

Protoday247 News Desk :WWE star MarkeCalaway aka Undertaker said he didn’t want to get back in the ring.Fans of the wrestler express their support for the 55-year-old who spoke in a recent documentary about his future plans.The wrestler said he had no plans to return because “there was nothing left for [him] to conquer.”

Undertaker pointed at retirement following a career covering three decades.His announcement was stormy on the internet, with fans asking him to reconsider his decision.Neither the Undertaker nor the WWE have declared their departure from the competition.

“It’s been a great moment. You don’t always really have those. Whether there’s ever been a good finish of a career, that’s right,” he added. Throughout the video The Last Flight, Undertaker spoke about his previous fight versus wrestler AJ Styles.

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