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Why Choose Bahira Town Peshawar?

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Bahria Town

If we speak about the property tycoon that has just changed Pakistan’s view of living standards, we will learn that the nominated name is Bahria Town. The founder of this big property company in Pakistan is Malik Riaz. It serves not only as Pakistan’s best property brand but is also well known globally. Malik Riaz has declared that the property details in Bahria Town Peshawar on all Bahria Town sources will be adequately available from 2020. By showing them luxury residential and commercial properties in conveniently accessible areas, Bahria Town has just changed Pakistani residents’ living and residential status. It is Pakistan’s best housing brand and provides high-standard housing amenities. It runs efficiently in many of Pakistan’s cities, including Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Bahria Town has now also spent its facilities in Peshawar, which is now one of Pakistan’s most reputed towns.

Bahria Town Peshawar

Peshwar is the ancient city of Pakistan, as well as the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. It already has several successful housing schemes, such as DHA Peshawar, but Karachi in Peshawar, Town, plans to start its second-most massive system. It will surely be Pakistan’s best housing project and will improve the quality of life and the importance of the residents of Peshawar.In the Bahria Town Peshawar, there is a significant demand expected to start very soon. For individuals who want to engage in a profitable project that will guarantee a lot of financial gain in a limited period, this is a fantastic chance.

Property Information

The Bahria Town Peshawar project is coming soon, but there is a general idea for the general public about the scale of residential and commercial property available. There is an anticipation of luxurious villas and five Marlas, ten Marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal residential and commercial plots. All the details will be made public shortly.

Plot Prices

There is currently no clear announcement in Peshawar about the plot price, but there is a discrepancy from which we can understand the estimated cost. In Karachi, the price of 125 sq.ft. is about 30-40 lakh. In Lahore, where the town of Bahria is held, its best has a cost per Marla of 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs. If we equate the prices with DHA Peshawar in Peshawar, we can build an idea that it will initially be about 25 to 35 lakh. There is no question that BT Peshawar is in high demand as it is a shared community, and as opposed to other housing projects, they have always offered the best world-class facilities. In the future, there could be a price boost. This project from BT Officials is only ready for operation.


Suppose we talk about BT Peshawar’s land and town. They bought a massive property on the lovely Charsadda Road near the northern bypass and M2-Express. This position is near Charsadda Road and has immense importance that can be easily reached from all parts of Peshawar. Detailed information about the location of the town of Bahria Peshawar is available.
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